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How To Use A Feather Razor

Posted by Cameron Jones on
How to use a feather razor (BARBERNOVA)

When using a feather razor, the overarching goal is to texturize and thin out thicker sections of hair to create greater movement and flow. Feather razors are designed to help accent and blend the hair in specific regions. You want to pay attention to length, structure, and overall volume.  

A feather razor can act quite similar to a hair conditioner, making the edges of the hair feel softer and more controlled in both movement and direction. 

If you’re intending on creating lightweight lines for your client, we recommend using longer strokes with the feather razor. As a result, you can create a softer blur and keep the hair from looking overly flat. 

The feather razor also allows you to add volume and depth. Thicker hair can feel condensed, but when you remove weight, you’re able to free the hair fibers and allow them to comfortably occupy more space, appear confident, and enhance the client’s appearance.  

Steps To Take When Using Your Feather Razor:  

1. Start with moisturized or damp hair 

How to use a feather razor. Ensure that you have wet hair first before using a feather razor

This enables you to stretch the hair and create maximal tension to allow the feather razor to slide with ease, speeding up the cutting process without sacrificing quality. Cutting with dry hair can cause unintentional rips, tears, and other damage. We don’t recommend using feather razors on frizzy hair types or those with already thin hair. 

2. Focus on the bulkiest and thickest regions, being sure not to remove excess weight or hair              

How to use a feather razor (focus on the bulky regions of hair)

3. Hold the razor at roughly a 45 degree angle against the hair and use downward strokes           

 How to use a feather razor. Hold at a 45 degree angle

A higher angle closer to 90 degrees will not feel smooth. Aim for fine control when using a feather razor, and cut the hair using sections. 

How to use a feather razor (avoid a 90 degree angle with a feather razor)
Avoid the 90 degree angle or similar positions.       

4. Practice short pen stroke-like motions over the desired region to gradually take away additional strands of hair              

5. Be careful with cutting the ends of the hair as it will shorten the longevity of the haircut                        

6. Keep your blades clean and change them regularly 

How to use a feather razor (replace your razors regularly)

A new and sharp blade will minimize discomfort for your clients and prevent the pulling of hair from the scalp. 

Our sturdy blade guards fit comfortably in the handle and also help prevent you from nicks and common cuts. Educate your clients and help them understand that a razor will not damage hair or make it look unusual, especially when used correctly. A feather razor at your station will be one of the most indispensable tools in your kit. 

After you have mastered these standard techniques, you are ready to move onto the advanced techniques of using a feather razor.

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