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 Routine Care of Your Tools

The proper and consistent care of your tools will ensure extended longevity and provide you with as much value as we hope. Please use these tips and recommendations as a guide to maintain the quality of your products and keep performance optimal. 

Caring For Your Shears 

  • Take care when handling and storing your shears. Do try to prevent them from falling on hard floors or counters.
  • Use your hairstyling shears to cut hair only. Never use hair shears for any other purposes that may compromise the integrity of the blades. 
  • Keep your shears clean, free of hair and debris that may attract moisture and damage your shears over time. Wipe off your shears using a soft cloth after every haircut, being careful to avoid the cutting edge of the shears. 
  • After haircuts, clean and dry your shears each day with warm and soapy water, taking extra care to avoid injury. Do not allow your shears to simply air dry. It is also not advisable to have cleaning solution or sweat dry on your shears. Use a soft and dry towel. 
  • Prior to oiling, you may apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the outside blades to help remove any styling products or blemishes that may have accumulated. 
  • Properly store your shears in a cool dry place using your barbernova case. Regular cleaning and care will prevent any rust, accumulation of contaminants, and any abnormal wear & tear. 
  • Use the right tension on your shears to maintain sharpness. Balance the shear so that it is not loose enough to fold hair, but also not so tight that it increases fatigue when used throughout the day. 

Oiling Your Shears

  • It is essential to routinely oil your shears to keep them dexterous and extend their longevity. We recommend oiling your shears at least once a week, or more frequently as needed depending on usage. 
  • Open the shears at about a 45 degree angle and apply a small drop of oil near the center joint holding the two blades together. Rub oil onto the shear and across the blade using a soft cloth. After oil application, open and close the blades repeatedly to help remove any lingering hair clinging to the blades. 
  • To fully clean out the joint area, repeat the same process, however ensure that the open shear is now flat, and then apply several drops of oil to one blade but this time above the center joint. The goal is to have the oil run from the top of the center joint, through it, and downward toward the blade tips. Point the blade downwards to allow gravity to help the oil flow through the joint and then quickly open and close the shear. This technique will help flush out any loose hairs and buildup at the pivot area that often clogs your shears and leads to blade separation. Keep a towel underneath to prevent spillage as you are allowing the oil to flow down and clean the shear, carrying away any excess hairs and debris. Wipe the blades clean with a soft towel. Leaving residual oil on the blades will cause the folding of hair rather than cutting it. 
  • Contact between the blades is now maintained across the full length of the shear from the pivot point down, allowing for a clean cut. Ultimately, it is the proper care and lubrication of the pivot joint that increases the lifespan and performance of your shears.  

Caring For Your Combs & Brushes

  • With frequent use, we recommend cleaning with a mild soap and lukewarm water, making sure to remove any debris, oils, and additional residues that may have lingered. 
  • You may disinfect your combs with a barbicide or other certified cleaning agents. If submerging your comb in these solvents, be mindful to only allow it to soak for 30 minutes to an hour in order to maintain the integrity and coloring of the comb. You may dry off the comb with a soft towel. 
  • When cleaning your brushes, it is best to avoid soaking the brush. Mild soap and water, along with an ultraviolet light cleaning pod will quickly sterilize your brush. This process would be equally effective for combs as well. Air dry your brush but do not place it directly in sunlight to help protect the bristles and handle. 
  • If using your brush in conjunction with a blow dryer, please maintain at least a few inches from the direct heat source in order to extend the life of the bristles. 
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep everything sanitary and effortless. Clean combs and brushes will reduce snagging and help you work efficiently.