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Finding Her Greatness: Meet Loriel Escalera

Posted by Cameron Jones on

Inclusivity, acceptance, and relationships 

A place to connect and inspire, the community barbershop and salon has transformed into a more welcoming environment over the years inclusive of diverse cultures, opinions, and styles. 


Loriel Escalera, also known as "Loriel da Barb-her" is actively inspiring everyone she comes across in her community, making them feel confident and appreciated.

"To barbers/stylists, a haircut is more than just a haircut; it’s an emotion, a relationship with yourself and others, a special personal bond between you and your client, and a way to physically touch another person's soul is the most uplifting way possible."

Not only does her name include progressiveness and acceptance, her work shows her compassion and drive to make an impact. Her social media posts embody a refreshing generosity to the less fortunate, as she is often providing complimentary haircuts to those who are going through tough times.


However, being a member of the LGBTQ+ community has not been without challenges. Inclusion was seemingly so distant when barbershops were first portrayed in popular culture. Especially being a female in a male dominated industry, there can be moments of doubt. But it was the obstacles that undoubtedly made Loriel into a stronger and more outspoken version of herself. 

"It was a big setback but it also made me into the person I am today. To where I can put my foot down, tell people to have self-worth. To be who you are and tell people to have self-worth because it's very difficult being a female in a barbering industry," she said.

Overcoming adversity has enabled her to be a pillar within the industry on social media. Her entrepreneurial spirit is contagious and allows her to operate independently and without boundaries. She is passionate about sharing those values with others in the community. 

"You could be who you want to be. You can set your own path. You're an entrepreneur. You can set your own standards. You can be you in this area or field." 


No matter what shop she enters, there will always be an aura about her. People may walk in with their heads down, but you can always count on them leaving with their heads up. 

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