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Nova Gold Japanese Thinning 6 Inch Shear (M-LINE)



 Introducing the next tier of high caliber shears: The M-line shears for professionals. A heightened level of function, quality, and aesthetic, these shears are designed for the professional who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The best tools are intended to enhance and elevate the professional. High quality shears complement the artisan’s craft and skill. We believe in individuals who inspire confidence and creativity.

Confidence unites communities, sparks originality, and cascades across time. As a professional, you are the inflection point.

We’ve augmented the fundamental materials to create shears that are anti-abrasive and resistant to heat, stains, and rust. As a result, there is greater hair adhesiveness to the blades allowing for a more pristine cut that protects hair by precisely removing hair at the cuticles. The ever improving composition creates a final material that is longer lasting and withstands harsher conditions.

Your attention to detail in the shop is what sets you apart and builds loyalty. Our eye for precision puts a focus on making the handle even more comfortable. By raising the handle just slightly even by a few millimeters, there is both greater control and precision. Ergonomics is truly an incremental process that we employ to reduce more strain on the hands and ligaments over time.

Every day we aspire to share more purpose. It begins with a feeling, a mindset, and a sense of esteem. Each time a client leaves your shop, they will embody poise, direction, and feel their best. It all starts with the professional.

Nova Gold Japanese Thinning 6 Inch Shear (M-LINE)