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King Arthur Nova Silver 7 Inch Japanese Styling


This Superlative Sword Sharp-Edged Shear is Perfect For Dynamic Fine Cutting. Its High Class Performance Is Optimal For Every Cut. The Light Weight, "Nova Japanese Shears" Are Designed To Maximize Stability And Kinetic Conduct. These Superb Shears Will Be Your Money Makers To Accomplish All of Your Burning Desires. 

The Japanese Yin & Yang Nova Silver Thinning sword is a texturizer that specializes in creating and refining soft texture for your clients. Comprised of 27 teeth and a premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel, this shear is designed to take out approximately 40 percent of hair.

  • Premium High-Carbon Japanese Stainless Steel 
  • Wider Pivot Point & Increased Radius
  • Convex Edges For Superior Trimming 
  • Comfortable Finger Rest
  • Penetrating Sharp Edges
  • Impeccable Scissor-Over-Comb & Point Cutting Performance
  • Flawless Biting On Wet Or Dry Hair
  • Perfect For Blending & Hair Removal 
  • Brushed Handle 
Size: 6 inch
Thinning Teeth: 27
Quantity: One Japanese Styling Shear, One Japanese Thinning Shear


                King Arthur Nova Silver 7 Inch Japanese Styling