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Owning The Blade

Posted by Cameron Jones on
Barbernova Shears On Hair / Beard. Barbershops, razors, and combs

Dexterity Is Enhanced With Sharp Steel 

Selecting the right pair of shears is the first step in improving your talent in the shop and building a winning enterprise. As seen on the battlefield or in the kitchen, a sharp blade is safer and significantly more efficient than a blunt one, and this is no exception in the shop against a spectrum of hair types from soft to fine—to coily or coarse. 

A Synergistic Alloy Blend For Maximal Strength 

The organic element carbon is a universal hardener added to stainless steel sourced around the world. Although only a small percentage is blended into the steel, this is enough to make it reliably durable and powerful. We strengthen our steel further by adding the synergistic alloys vanadium and cobalt to reinforce the strength of the steel while simultaneously decreasing the weight of the piece. This results in greater comfort, control, and a full range of motion that feels effortless in your hands. This simple innovation is anti-fatigue technology wielded across two blades, allowing you to maneuver at the highest levels and impress your clientele. You will be fully immersed in a kinetic flow like no other. You have creative control and artistic license in this space. 

A Fluid Scissor Mechanism To Push The Boundaries 

Whether you're utilizing scissor over comb, texturizing to remove weight, slide cutting, or point cutting, the ergonomic handle and insertion points will enable you to create a more natural look that also facilitates regrowth. A contrast that will be highly noticeable in every setting. 

The Next Generation of Fine Motor Control 

The neural engine within your hands is the most incredible piece of machinery around, with approximately 17,000 nerve endings and touch receptors for the most precise control. Leveraging this evolution to the next level is our mission. A fusion of your talent and our finest steel to bring out your best. You will always be essential.

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