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Black Nova Matrix Hand Sewn Mask


The Nova Matrix Hand Sewn Mask is a modern, minimalistic design, made exceptional for everyday use. 


Kids: 8 W x 5 H

Small to Medium Faces: 8 3/4 W x 5 3/4 H

Medium to Large Faces: 10 1/4 W x 6 3/4 H

  • Washable / Reusable
  • Molded fit conforms to your face
  • Adjustable elastic ear loops for ease of use and sizing
  • Three layer construction designed to last and suitable for colder conditions
  • Lightweight embossed fabric 
  • Comfortable and breathable liner
  • Replaceable filters
  • Fully adjustable nose piece

Masks are for non-medical use. Masks can help reduce exposure to certain airborne particles such as mold, pollen, dust, etc. but cannot eliminate risk of contracting infections or illnesses. Machine or hand wash in cold/warm water, hand dry, do not bleach.


Black Nova Matrix Hand Sewn Mask